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Mississippi Dental Care For Low Income

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  • The Mississippi Dental Association's Donated Dental Services (DDS) Program provides free, comprehensive dental care for elderly, disabled, and ill adults through volunteer dental providers. Contact the MS Program Coordinator at 601-368-9823 for information, or download an application:
    Donated Dental Service application »

  • Mission First, Inc. is a non-profit ministry that supports the Medical and Dental Clinic at the West Park Community Ministry Center. The clinic is at 275 Rose Neath St. in Jackson. Contact the Dental Program at 601-608-0050 for eligibility information, or read about them on-line.
    Visit the Mission First website »

  • Community Health Centers (CHCs) are not-for-profit clinics that offer dental services to all community residents, regardless of income or insurance. CHCs charge a reduced fee based on a person's income and family size.
    List of Community Health Centers in Mississippi »

    You can also contact the Mississippi Primary Health Care Association at 601-981-1817

  • The School of Dentistry at University of Mississippi Medical Center provides low-cost dental treatment through several programs. Contact the School of Dentistry at 601-984-6080.
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